Somebody Asked 13-17 Year Olds How They Listen to Music. Half the Answers Didn’t Exist When They Were Born.

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The question was simple: ‘How do you listen to your music?’  The answers were anything but.

So, how do teenagers really listen to music?  What started as a simple question by a music research firm revealed an unbelievably complicated set of answers.  In fact, most people between the ages of 13-17 exercise a myriad of options when it comes to accessing, discovering, and relaxing to music.

Most amazingly, that blend includes both old and new formats, with everything from AM/FM radio to podcasts.

But the most amazing part: most 13-17 year-olds prefer formats that didn’t even exist when they were born.  But that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily opposed to age-old formats like broadcast radio.