Jon Tessier’s New Single: Summer Rain

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Jon Tessier’s 3rd single is out: SUMMER RAIN
This video was directed by Jimmy Selecta and Natascia Da Prato from HOUSE OF FLOW.
Location: Ibiza, Spain.

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Poo Bear: Afraid of Forever | Let It Play

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Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd is the man responsible for some of pop music’s biggest hits: Justin Bieber and Matoma to name a few. He went from homeless to hit-maker, but now Poo Bear must now fight to stay relevant while navigating an ever-changing music industry that is devoid of mercy.


Gated Reverb: A sonic revolution of the 80′s

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There are a handful of clearly recognizable sounds in music that are always pinned to a genre and decade. The surf guitar pioneered by Dick Dale, the wall of sound of Phil Spector, the bass slap of Larry Graham, the boom bap of the golden age of hip hop. These classic sounds are revered, and some of them miraculously transcended the decade in which they were first developed.

But there’s one sound that will always be timestamped to the 1980s and people just love to hate it. It’s called gated reverb.