Hideo Kobayashi reviews the ROLI Seaboard Rise

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One of Japan’s most prolific electronic music producers reviews the incredible “Seaboard Rise” by Roli.

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Unboxing the Roli Seaboard Rise at Sonic Vista Studios.

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Make music in more dimensions

On the soft silicone surface of the Seaboard RISE, you shape sound intuitively through touch. The RISE offers Five Dimensions of Touch – Strike, Press, Glide, Slide, and Lift – that open up an entirely new approach to expressing yourself on a keyboard.

A design so advanced that it’s simple

The Seaboard RISE fuses the best of digital technology, materials technology, and industrial design. The result is an advanced instrument that restores everything we love about the design of acoustic instruments like the guitar. It has a simple and elegant frame. It’s easily portable. And it’s intuitively playable, as well as a joy to play.

A high-performance software engine

Every Seaboard RISE includes Equator, ROLI’s custom-made software synthesizer for multidimensional sound control. What is a high-performance vehicle without its high-performance engine?

Take it with you anywhere

From its Bluetooth-enabled wirelessness to its thin frame, the Seaboard RISE is designed for making music on the go. ROLI-designed cases help you transport it between home, studio, school, and gig.

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Sonic Vista Unboxing: The Slate Digital VMS One Microphone

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Video by Peter Bowmans from 45degrees productions.
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